GreenGold Energy Solutions is a waste management startup based in Nairobi Kenya, that is focused on proper waste management technologies that can be used in production of renewable and green energy.

Our technologies are specifically aimed at assisting developing urban centers to develop sustainable waste management systems.

We recycle, re-use as well as process different waste materials both organic and inorganic, and find alternative uses of these resources.


GreenGold Energy Solutions is a waste management start-up based in Nairobi, Kenya, founded by students in 2014 and over the years through research and prototyping we have been able to develop waste management technologies that facilitate processing of waste  materials into energy.

Nairobi alone produces over 1600 tons of waste daily according to UNEP statistics most of which is taken to dumpsites and left there.

Our Objective.

We aim at developing an efficient waste management system which can be implemented in our urban cities. Our working model will involve collection, sorting and quantifying the waste before being taken through our state of the art recycling technologies to produce energy as well as distribution of the final products to consumers.

What we do.

To date we have been able to make a prototype of a recycling machine that we use in the processing of plastic waste materials into energy in solid, liquid and gas forms.

Our machine is fed with waste plastic bags and the outputs are energy products of different forms. Our recycling process is very safe and uses state of the art technology  to ensure minimum environmental impact.

This is our area of specialization and are looking to role out our services on a commercial scale very soon targeting major urban dwellings.

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Products and Services

At the moment, our recycling system is able to convert waste plastic bags into energy products which come in different forms, solid, liquid and gaseous states.

  1. Plastic briquettes from recycling plastics which can be used for cooking and heating purposes.
  2. Liquid fuel products which can be used for cooking as well as heating purpose.

Currently we are working to have our products tested and approved so as to move to the next step of commercialization.

GreenGold Team

 Trizah Waruiru.

Chief Executive Offiicer

Ms. Trizah is also a Bachelor of Art in Community Development Student at Moi University. She is also the lead content and web developer for GreenGold Energy Solution with wide experience in web and software development. She also exhibits great leadership skills and acting a pivotal role in the growth of GreenGold.

 Vincent Waweru

Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Vincent  is also a Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics and Physics student at the University of Nairobi. He is an IT expert with expertise in web and software development. He has also an expert Forex trader with vast experience in investment banking as well.

Chief Technical and Operations Officer

Mr. Mathew is also a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering student at Moi University. He has vast experience in automation of production and manufacturing processes as well as software programming.  He is also a mentor and motivation speaker and a member of the Equity African Leadership Program(EALP).


Get in touch with us

Email : mathew@greengoldtech.co.ke

P.O box  1969-00200 NRB

Telephone Numbers:

Mr.Mathew : +254 706 530 547

Mr. Vincent : +254 714212728

Ms. Trizah : +254 727 516 317